Phase 1


  • Harmonic Cell Theory & Creating Sick Progressions

    Harmonic Cell Theory gives us an easy method for creating jazz and neo soul progressions at a high level. We will talk in depth about how you can use it to come up with your own harmony and sound like a pro.

  • Voicing Mastery Techniques

    Have you ever gotten frustrated by the process of learning voicings because you never feel like you really know them in every key and have true mastery over them? That's how I've often felt, and that's why I'll be showing you what are, in my opinion, the most effective methods of integrating voicings into your playing and getting to the point where you have complete mastery over them.

  • Intervallic Progression Formulas

    Intervallic Progression Formulas are an incredibly powerful and quick way to create interesting harmonic motion in any jazz tune or progression. After learning these, you will have highly improved skills for reharmonization and composition.

  • Harmonic Ear Training

    As you know, I feel ear training is absolutely key to effective and quick progress, however, it is often overlooked or forgotten. I'm not sure why more courses don't include it in the program, but we will be doing a lot of focused ear training to speed up your learning and strengthen your ability to hear music at a pro level.

 Phase 2


  • The Linear-Restriction Improvisation Technique

    In my opinion, this is the fastest way to master a tune or progression of any level. We're going to go in depth into how you can use this technique to quickly ascend to being a top-notch improviser. There are a lot of really interesting techniques built in and we get into the details in this course.

  • Arpeggio Formation Technique

    I'm happy to give you lots of sick arpeggios and runs to work on, but wouldn't it be great if you could come up with them on your own? We're going to get into how I come up with awesome arpeggios and how you can too.

  • Left-Hand Comping Patterns

    If you've ever felt at a loss about how to improve your left hand comping, look no further. We're going to get into some really interesting ideas about how to improve your left hand.

  • Linear Ear Training

    In Phase I, we do harmonic ear training, but now we get into melodic ear training. We work on hearing and remembering lines of varying difficulties. 

 Phase 3



  • Chord Substitutions for Creating Tension

    We look at how you can use your left hand to create tension against the expected harmony using interesting chord substitutions.

  • Reharmonization Formulas & Reharming Techniques

    I'll walk you through a series of foolproof reharmonization formulas that you can incorporate into your playing so whenever you're in a progression, you know how to surprise people by switching out the chords and changing the context of a melody.

  • Modern Licks & Neo Soul Inflections

    Just like it sounds! We'll be looking at a series of killer licks that I've never shared anywhere else for you to steal and use.

  • Advanced Improvisation Techniques

    In this course, we'll talk about some really fun and interesting modern improvisation techniques to take your playing to the next level and integrate them into your improvisation. We'll talk about how player's play "out" and construct killer lines for soloing.

 Phase 4



  • Linear Contour - Developing Lines Like a Pro

    Creating lines is one thing, but developing them so that they're more than just a string of notes is an art in and of itself.  

  • Solo Development: learning to build solos for maximum impact

    A lot of players can throw in cool licks and exercises, but how do you develop a solo at a high level? We'll cover this in detail.

  • Exercise Application & Integration

    How many times have you learned an exercise and had no idea how to actually add it into your playing, composing, producing, or improvisation? You'll leave this course with some clear strategies for integrating vocabulary into your music.

  • Developing Your Own Unique Musical Style

    It's so important to take your knowledge and use it to create a sound or style that is unique to you, but that's no easy task. We're going to go over some effective methods you can use to make your style your own.

  • Building Effective Practice Routines

    Using some of the knowledge from the practice routine bonus, we'll talk about how you can structure effective practice routines going forward to maximize your improvement.

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  • Workshopping Tricky Concepts

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  • Diving Deeper

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  • Many Ear Training Types

    Harmonic, Linear, Intervallic, Modal, Rhythmic, and other ear training systems.

  • How to Move Forward

    These techniques will give you the knowledge you need to continue ear training on your own.

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  • What makes practice most effective?

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  • Secrets For Maximizing The Efficiency of Your Time

    We go through several different tips that will help you maximize efficiency of your improvement.

  • How to Best Design Your Routine Day to Day

    Finally, we look at your day-to-day routine: how can you structure this and develop it so going into the future, it is as effective as possible?

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Piano Voicings Masterclass

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  • Block Chords, Drop 2 Voicings, Pentatonic Voicings, & More

    This video mini-course explains various important voicing types and exercises to help you master them.

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  • 20 Noah Kellman Neo Soul Progressions and Improvisation 

    These are some of my favorite recordings of progressions and improvs that I've done to date. 

  • 20 Audio & MIDI Files

    They come in both audio and MIDI so you have what you need to bring it into a DAW and get straight to work. 

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